ATTENTION: Green Creek Subdivision Property Owners. 

During our last event, on July 19th, we had a neighbor of the Smith Mansion come to the property. Not only did the neighbor threaten to sue us over the donation tours, but also started a fight with one of our volunteers. This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. And if a situation like this happens again, I will personally contact the sheriff's department, have them removed and I will press criminal trespassing charges. 

Should anyone in the Green Creek Subdivision or Wapiti area have any questions or need to contact me for some reason, please visit our website, All of our contact info is listed, we welcome your comments and or thoughts. 

Thank you!   SMPP, Paul & Sunny Larsen


Bringing Back the Light, 

Event - Fundraiser was a HUGE success!!

Photos, Volunteer Names and Event Information has been updated on our site.


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The famous Smith Mansion sits along the Buffalo Bill Scenic Byway, approximately 30 miles East of Yellowstone National Park. Located in the heart of Wapiti Valley Wyoming, the Smith Mansion is surrounded by wild back country and beautiful wilderness.

The Mansion is a landmark to the locals, tourists or anyone with a real interest in the home. This legendary structure holds a significant value to the town of Wapiti Valley.      

Photo Courtesy of Dewey Vanderhoff




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This summer we have had issues with people entering the Smith Mansion. In consideration of your safety and the integrity of the building, SMPP would like to remind everyone that there is No Trespassing on the property or in the mansion.

We are working hard on the preservation of the mansion to make available the opportunity to safely tour the mansion in the future. Until that time, please remember No Trespassing.

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01/13/2015 08:10
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